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About Us

Meet the Beekeepers

Martin James and his family founded Slide Ridge in 2004 with our heart and soles to embark on the task of safe guarding the health and growth of the honey bees population.    

Martin James has been in love with Honeybees since childhood.  He started raising honeybees since age 9 years old. he had four hives.  Today Martin and family have approximately 3000 hives, nestled in Northern Utah.  Martin, now, 52 He knows his bees.... Once the bees started dying off, Martin went to into overdrive looking for solutions for his precious bees and the bees around the country.  He first, identified the problem with pesticides and the mites having a negative impact on bees.  Funny thing he discovered.... bees need good "gut" health just like people need proper gut health.  Martin with the help of a local probiotic manufacture introduced an amazingly effective probiotic for honeybees, which boosts with their gut flora to assist them on their journey.  In addition, Martin has developed a special feed along with the probiotics which are now sold in several states, as well as Canada.  

Karla James, Martin's sister, has, the Honeybee passion as well she been actively involved in the Commercial Bee industry for about 19- years and she is one of a small amount of Female Commercial Beekeepers in the USA. Karla talks to Honeybee Keepers throughout the USA on a regular basis and holds seminars to assist them in their Honeybee programs.

"We know winter is harsh on bees", says Martin.  "That's why for our bees we have designed a climate-controlled environment to assist them during their dormant time".  "Without Honeybees we are in a world of hurt with our food supply," he claims.  Just think of a world without apples, nuts or a variety of fruits and veggies????  Honeybees contributes $15 billion annually to our food supply and there is no replacement system.

Martin also takes eight truckloads of bees to California to pollinate the almond groves.  He does however have conditions as to where he takes his bees.  NO PESTICIDES, while his bees are working at their pollinating job. 

Martin shares his bee knowledge with others as the county Honeybee Inspector for Cache County and Box Elder county and teaching new beekeepers a healthier way of taking care of our pollinators.

Specialty Honey Vinegar's and Honey Bee Nutrition Products

We are the original producers of Honey Wine Vinegar.  Now with 5 mouth watering flavors in our line up.

Our Fat Bee Health and Nutritional products our the foundation to keeping healthy honey bees by helping to supplement proteins, vitamins, antioxidants, trace minerals and probiotic that the honey bees’ need to help improve their immune system.

Helping the Honey Bees

Sale of our products help with research of better ways to keep the honey bees healthy and happy, so they can pollinate for generations that come after us.